Our hotspot repair service (refractory repair) is a pure trouble shooting specialty, that will help you to keep the production unit and the management energy efficiency objectives going and prevents unscheduled (expensive) shutdowns.
Because Furnace is in continuous operation, the refractory lining might start to deteriorate. This might causes the steel casing (or even steel structures) to get overheated and therefore it can start to deform. The whole unit will become unpredictably+unstable and this is a safety risk. What follows is an un-scheduled EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN !

“Excellent Cost and Energy Efficient Repair resulting in zero loss of production.

 There is no shutdown necessary to perform an on-line refractory hot spot repair at full wind.”

Achieving Furnace Lining Efficiency

Follow tips below to keep your furnace lining running efficiently :
Evaluate Furnace liner by using infrared thermography inspection. Infrared (IR) thermography scans are an essential step for evaluating the quality of Furnace lining. Lining quality is critical to protecting the steel from heat and limiting heat loss and promoting overall Furnace efficiency. Typically, the scan involves pointing an IR camera at several points on the Furnace casing to analyze the outside temperature and identify hot spots where the unit is leaking heat or experiencing design issues that may not be visible from the outside. This is a particular issue with a painted surface.
Use on-line maintenance repair. Depending upon the temperature, the difficulty of getting to a particular area or how big the hot spot is, conduct on-line repairs wherever possible. Most maintenance managers prefer the on-line repair option because it is reliable, fast and economical. This avoids revenue loss from the unit in question, as well as the consequential losses from shutting down additional connected units.
For example, where IR scans indicate on-line repairs are recommended, Our refractory compound can be "control-injected" from outside of Furnace, filling cracks and voids caused by deteriorated insulation. This services are ideal for providing improved thermal insulation efficiency for deteriorating lining in radiant or convection section such as in sidewalls, roof, around man/peep holes and other unpredictable hotspot condition.