For Continuous-Process Plant, a serious leak can be cured either by shutting its unit down for conventional repairs, or left the leak to blow for a limited time. With Online Leak Sealing (OLLS), the leaks can be cured while the line remains at full pressure and temperature.
OLLS is an Under Pressure Online Leak Sealing technology, offered host of benefits for your plant productivity and maintenance. Not only that you avoid plant shutdown and the ability to keep producing, but you also avoid wasting expensive product or energy and enhance your plant safety. At the same time you reduce noise level and erosion damage, as well as pollution into the environment.



Products to be sealed :

Process Conditions :

  • Steam (most common) / Sea Water.
  • Hydrocarbon Byproducts Natural Gas.
  • Gaseous and Liquid Chemicals.
  • Acids and Alkali’s.
  • High Pressure (> 60 kg/cm2).
  • Moderate Pressure (30 - 60 kg/cm2).
  • Low Pressure / Vacuum (0 - 30 kg/cm2).

Temperature :  min. -150°  max. +950° C

Plants Components :

  • Flanges
  • Valves Glands / Bonnets
  • Straight Pipe / Tube / Elbow / Tee
  • Header Box (Fin Fan)
  • Column / Vessels / Heat Exchanger

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) :

Finite Element Analysis is an engineering tool that can be used to determine the structural integrity of a clamp or box enclosure.
FEA models are built upon client request for mission critical and un-predictable on-site condition.

HSE Documentation :

Photo Gallery
Online Leak Sealing Elbow 6" 90° - MP STEAM

Clamp Flange Dia 3.5M for Catalyst Cooler

Our technology uses a variety of sealants that are extremely resistant to heat and corrosion and can handle a wide range of chemical and thermal environments. Available in curing and non-curing forms, these sealants form a strong mechanical seal when combined with a clamp or enclosure.
Our different types of sealants are compatible with the nature and the operating condition of the leakage. This temporary repair, considered as the fastest and the most efficient solution, allows the client to go on with production until the next scheduled Shutdown / Turn Around

Subsea - Temporary Repair Clamp